Eve does a Cassie

    Eve’s always been a tress trendsetter (remember when she switched from red to blonde?), but these days she might be a taking a cue from someone else. Over the weekend the former Ruff Ryder premiered her new one-sided mullet all over town, looking a lot like Cassie.

    But, while Cassie elected to simply shave half of her head, Eve’s style is (predictably) more fashion-y. If you’re thinking of trying it yourself, here are the main elements to her look:

    Bold blonde color. E-V-E’s never been one for subtlety, so go for the brightest blonde you can stand.

    Layered side, tapered side. The left side of Eve’s hair is long and layered, beginning at her mid-forehead and finishing around her shoulders. The other side isn’t shaved, but cut close to the scalp and tapered.

    Side-swept bangs.
    The bangs get longer as they go from right to left with each individual piece getting a dose of definition.

    The ducktail. There’s no other way to describe the long thin braid dangling around Eve’s shoulders.


    –Whitney Teal

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