Usher and Tameka splitting up?

    It seems that all is not well with Usher and Tameka Raymond and the two are heading for a split.
    We heard that the couple, who haven’t been photographed together in months, are actually in mediation for a divorce.
    Lately, Usher has been seen not wearing his wedding ring, and this past weekend, he was spotted out with a woman that the singer’s people swear is just his “product manager.” However, reports that she’s actually a Def Jam executive named Grace Miguel. There are also rumblings that Usher might be filing for a legal separation from Tameka soon.
    Meanwhile, Tameka has been fighting off speculation from Usher’s fans who seem intent on bringing his rumored infidelity to her attention. For example, she recently got into it tweet for tat with one such fan on Twitter.
     “Your friends have been dropping hints about U and Usher all along. Umm, why isn’t your husband following you on Twitter,” the blogger asked.
    Tameka fired back with, “You’re an angry woman. I don’t know why or who hurt u, but it wasn’t me. I will pray for you. I’m happy and life is GOOD for me! Enjoy yours.”
    Things got ugly when the blogger tweeted, “Checking to see if there’s a rule that says a product manager can’t creep with a married man while his wife sits on Twitter.”
    Tameka effectively ended the back and forth after that comment by hitting the blogger where it hurts: their ego. “She’s mad cuz she old, ugly, and looks like a burnt cigarette. We go elsewhere for our gossip anyway,” Tameka wrote.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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