Will wants to do a remix

    Willie Taylor from Day 26 is so proud of his cousin Jeremih that he was seriously thinking of remixing “Birthday Sex.”
    We caught up with Will a couple days ago to ask him what it’s like to see his cousin gain so much success.  He told us that hearing “Birthday Sex” on the radio and seeing the video on TV was a big moment for their entire family. He’s so happy for Jeremih that he said it feels like he’s got two singles out.
    Hmmm…that may explain why Will had thought about putting his swag on his cousin’s breakout single.
    “I was actually going to do a remix to it. My spin would be ‘Make Up Sex,” Willie told S2S. “People fight so much in their relationships that I guess the best apology would be make up sex.“
    Unfortunately, we may never get to hear “Make Up Sex” because Will thinks the time for that has passed.  But all is not lost: he said he might like to remix Jeremih’s next song, whatever that happens to be.
    And that’s not all, Willie would really like to bring his cousin on the road with Day26.
    “I’ve been trying to pitch that since the song first came out,” Will told us. “I’m sure somebody, some promoter, will make it make sense.”  We hope you’re paying attention to that, Diddy!
    But if Jeremih can’t come out on the road with guys, Will would at least like to get him in the studio behind the controls.
    “I’m gonna make sure that happens on Day26’s next album. The third album, I’ll make sure Jeremih produces something on that," he said.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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