Ginuwine reveals ‘A Man’s Thoughts’

    Ginuwine’s upcoming album, A Man’s Thoughts, is his first release in four years, so he’s understandably excited about it. He recently sat down with Amanda Diva to talk about his album.

    "CDs…people don’t have them no more," Ginuwine said. "I wanted to make mine so you can listen to it from beginning to end, and that’s what I did."

    He also revealed what his favorite songs are: "Showoff," which is about women showing off what you have, no matter your size or color. "Open the Door," "Last Chance," and, of course, "Get Involved" which enlists the help of one-time collaborators Timbaland and Missy.

    Watch the cilp here:

    Ginuwine’s Favorite Tracks On "A Man’s Thoughts"

    A Man’s Thoughts hits stores on Tuesday, June 23.

    –Whitney Teal

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