Jeremih jet sets to the top of the charts

    Jeremih let us in on a little secret: He only began singing a couple years ago. But with a voice like his, you’d never know it. According to him, talent like this runs in the family, but up until a year and a half ago, he saw himself as more of a musician.
    However, when he started using the voice God gave him, he wanted to do things big and it happened pretty quickly. If you let Jeremih tell it, it only took a week for him to go from flying to New York on his own ticket, “trying to attain some attention," to the shock that “every record label called” to learn more about him.  
    Jeremih said the main reason he went with Def Jam was because of all the big names he would have the opportunity to work with at the label.  But he was a little nervous to meet with a label that represented so much major talent. “Now that I’m here, it’s cool," he told S2S. "I’m in the midst of a lot of these big names and I feel like I can hang with them.”
    Jeremih’s creative process goes pretty quickly. He and his partners will head into the studios, come up with a beat, and from that point, it’s all spontaneous inspiration. “It’s just the beats talk to me, and I write off of what they tell me,” the singer explained.
    Of course, Jeremih does draw from personal experience for his music, which is where his hit single “Birthday Sex“ came from.
    “I would say I never could afford gifts, so that’s all I give to my lady,” he explained. “I didn’t think at all that this was going to be my first single…at all. It was actually chosen to be my first single by a music director out in Chicago.”
    People in the Chi knew about Jeremih months before the rest of the country caught on, so he was like their little hometown secret. But ever since the single took off, Jeremih’s been keeping a tight schedule, which hasn’t left him much time to enjoy the comforts of his new place.
    "I bought my first apartment with the deal, but I haven’t even been able to live there; I haven’t slept there," he told S2S. "I haven’t even gotten the chance to enjoy it.”
    In the space of a week and half he said he hit at least six different cities for a radio tour. “And put in the fact that I had to shoot my video for the song,” he added. “In that midst of that—all those days and non-sleeping nights—we actually went and shot the video in L.A.  And that night, coming from New York, like, that’s the longest flight on Earth.”

    Once the video shoot wrapped, Jeremih was back on the road. He said he’d even heard his management talk about making stops in other countries, like Japan, in July.
    “I’m really shocked at that because I feel like we really haven’t even [taken] care of the U.S. yet,” he said. “But, you know, we had a showcase for Def Jam…and there were a lot of people that were there from overseas that were just giving us the feedback, as far as how it is in the clubs out there. It’s crazy.”
    So how is Jeremih liking all the attention? 
    “I’d rather not be famous. I’d rather be [un]famous. I’d rather just be the man behind the music. I’d rather just keep putting out hit singles,” Jeremih said. "Music, I’ve always considered being a profession of mine—somehow, someway. Whether it had been [to] own a label, or produce or something. I’ve always just had a niche and a passion for music."
    And it looks like all those long days and sleepless nights have paid off, too. “Birthday Sex” is now #1 on MySpace and the Billboard’s Hot Ringmaster Chart.  He’s currently sitting at #4 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart. 

    We’re confident that we’ll see Jeremih at the top of the charts, too, once it drops on June 30.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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