Falcons clip Michael Vick

    Michael Vick might want to start looking for a new team because he’s been cut from the Atlanta Falcons.

    The NFL team released Mike from his contract with him today, The Associated Press reports.
    "Michael remains suspended by the NFL," said the Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff. "However, in the event NFL commissioner Roger Goodell decides to reinstate Michael, we feel his best opportunity to re-engage his football career would be at another club."
    This doesn’t really come as a huge shock because the team’s owner, Arthur Blank, has said that Michael wouldn’t be coming back to Flacons once he’s done serving time for his animal cruelty charges.
    And, the Falcons said that their move now opens the door for other teams to court the quarterback who had been their No. 1 draft pick in 2001.  Reportedly Michael is now allowed to sign with another team.
    However, Roger still has to determine whether or not Michael is even clear to play for any other team.  He stated that’s a decision he won’t be making until after the player ‘s full sentence has been served.
    "Once he’s concluded that, I will make a judgment based on what he tells me and what I can determine from speaking to others and a final background check on this and make a determination at the right time," said Roger.
    Things might be ending on a bad note for Michael, but the Falcons still wish him well.
    "Our entire organization sincerely hopes that Michael will continue to focus his efforts on making positive changes in his life, and we wish him well in that regard," Thomas said. He also offered that he would be available to help his former player in the future.
    One place Michael won’t be hitting the field is Seattle, at least that’s what his former coach Jim Mora said.
    "I’ll just say this for the record: We are very happy with the quarterbacks we have on our roster," Jim told reporters. "We have no intentions of adding another player to our roster." 



    – Sonya Eskridge





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