Chicken bits: Wendy’s goes boneless, KFC needs a rep

    Good news for the Chick-fil-A spokes-cows: All fast-food eyes are now on chicken.

    KFC recently successfully launched their grilled chicken menu items, and now they’re in need of a spokesperson. They activated a worldwide search for the perfect person Friday, June 12 via MySpace to find the perfect average Joe or Jane to represent their grilled chicken.

    If you think you’re good enough to be the Ultimate KFC Grilled Chicken Fan, you can upload a video to their MySpace page that explains why they should hire you. The top three contestants will be chosen on July 25 and, beginning on August 1, America then votes on the winner. The prize is pretty sweet, too: a lifetime supply of KGC and the chance to shine in TV and print ads.

    Wendy’s, on the other hand, is looking to get in on the chicken action with the introduction of boneless chicken wings, YumSugar reports. They’re giving you three flavor options: Sweet & Spicy Asian, Honey BBQ and Bold Buffalo.

    "Our new Boneless Wings are as far as it gets from fast food," said Ken Calwell, Wendy’s chief marketing officer. "Sweet & Spicy Asian wings are something you’d find at an upscale restaurant."

    Even if Ken thinks the wings are upscale, the price is decidely fast-food: One order is about $3.99 while a combo meal goes for $5.69.

    Now, who wants to do a taste test?


    — Whitney Teal

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