Rev. Run’s words of wisdom

    Run knows a little something about raising a big family in the spotlight. After all, the sixth season of “Run’s House” will premiere later this year.
    "We’re not extremely ambitious to be these big stars," Run told People. "We hope to inspire people to see the value of being a family."
    One couple he hopes to inspire is Jon and Kate Gosselin, who star in TLC’s “Jon and Kate Plus 8.” The reality show centers on the two rearing their eight young children together.  The couple’s alleged marital problems have been the stuff of tabloids and gossip blogs for weeks.
    Run said that there is one simple rule that keeps his home harmonious: be grateful.
    “Keep your eye on what you cherish. If you cherish your wife and kids, that’s where your energy goes,” he advised. "You can let this thing destroy you or you can take it and inspire."
    In a marriage, he added that it doesn’t hurt if you “keep it brand new.”  Sounds simple enough, but with a house full of kids (including a new baby) how do he and Justine keep things fresh in their relationship?  Run gave People one great example:
    “Justine woke up the other day and e-mailed me a letter about how much she loves me and how happy she is to be my lover and my friend," Run said. "Then we downloaded the song by Jason Mraz ‘Lucky to Be In Love with My Best Friend’ and we just listened to it all day in our bedroom."



    – Sonya Eskridge




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