Sheree Whitfield evicted from home

    Sheree Whitfield claims she was scammed out of her Atlanta home. reports that Sheree was recently forced out of her home, and that she and her kids had less than a week to pack up their stuff. This came as a surprise to Sheree, who said her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield, had been under court order to keep paying the household expenses. 
    “He failed to do so,” she told Freddy O. Here’s where things start getting a little complicated: Sheree recalled that Bob’s mother introduced her to a woman named Sheila Rashad last October.  Then, in late December, Sheree got notice that her home was being foreclosed on.
    “This happened the week after Bob and I went into mediation,” she said, “in which he tried to renegotiate my [divorce] settlement from the judge and offer me cash from the [sale] of the house that he knew he was losing because of nonpayment of the mortgage.”
    That’s when Sheila stepped in to offer some help. Supposedly, Sheila claimed that she could help the Atlanta housewife and her kids stay in the home for at least six months if she agreed to certain terms of an agreement that Sheila drafted.
    “Sheila had me sign a fictitious form stating that I [gave] her rights to communicate with the mortgage company,” Sheree explained. “She continuously lied and said she had been communicating with the mortgage company and she had everything under control.”
    Apparently, Sheila didn’t have things handled because a few weeks later, she told Sheree that the bank did not decide in her favor and that she had until March 6 to vacate her 10,000 square-foot house.
    Sheree left on March 5 and brought everything she could carry with her, but that meant a lot of things had to be left behind. Then she handed the keys over Sheila, who told movers not to remove anything else from the house.
    The next day, the reality star said, she went to the property she’d been pushed off of and found moving trucks that were being loaded up. She also spotted kids playing with toys that her children didn’t take with them.
    “I approached [Sheila] and she began to say that I was trespassing and the sheriff was on the way and I needed to leave the premises,” Sheree recounted. “I left and called my friends, and within 15 minutes we were back at the house. Sheila put the lock back on the gate.”
    But it gets worse: Sheree said that when she was able to get back into the house, she found that major appliances, workout equipment, sinks, clothes and electronics had all been stolen.
    The fashion designer called police to the home so that she could file a report.
    “The witnesses were there and gave their statements as well,” she said. “The officer had me call her on my phone. He told her she should return to give her statement because I was accusing her of theft.” 
    Sheila reportedly refused to give any statement on the situation, and there is no word on what steps Sheree will be taking next.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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