Get in the mood with a ‘Birthday Sex’ crib

    Jeremih’s "Birthday Sex" just might be the get-it-on-song of the summer and his video is equally hot.

    Get your place ready for that special person with these understated furniture picks inspired by the video.

    The couch is crazy-important, not only because it’s the focal point of the room, but also because J mentions it in his song when he croons, "Sip Mo-ezy as you sit on my couch."

    This tailored sofa from Room & Board is a dead ringer for Jeremih’s video couch ($1,399).

    A couple of black swivel chairs were spotted in the foreground of the video set, so we found this one, also from Room & Board. ($1,999).





    For other options, try either of these:

    To finish off your minimalist look, go for a sleek black coffee table, like these:

    — Whitney Teal

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