Happy Birthday, Tupac!

    Tupac Shakur would have been 38 years old today. To celebrate, we’re showing some of our favorite videos of his.

    Many thought the video for “I Ain’t Mad At Cha,” which Pac shot right before he died, was a bit prophetic.  For starters, it depicted the rapper being shot to death in a situation eerily similar to how he was actually killed. Spooky!


    In the video for “California Love,” Tupac and Dr. Dre paid tribute to Mad Max with this desert-wasteland theme. It was a little out there, but even so, this was one of our favorite videos to watch back in the day.


    In “Me Against The World” Tupac proved that you don’t need big effects, half-naked women, or a bunch of bling to make a great video.   But, more than that, he proved he could be introspective and thoughtful with his music.


    Ok how many of you had “Keep Ya Head Up” on repeat?  That’s what we thought. We know that Pac had a lot of different sides to his rhymes, and he had no problem mixing them with some old-school soul, either.  With this video he combined those talents with an encouraging message for Black women. 


    Finally, who could forget “Dear Mama?”  We loved the family-photo-album style pictures of Tupac, and Afeni Shakur remembering her fallen son was particularly touching.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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