‘The Game’ to get a new home?

    Although The CW has dropped the ball on  “The Game,” BET might be recovering it for a new season.
    BVBuzz.com reports that execs over at BET are close to hammering down a deal to bring new episodes of “The Game” to its channel.
    Back in April, BET CEO Debra Lee said the network was in talks to acquire the show, but that it was really coming down to a matter of the budget. Now, an inside source at BET told BV Buzz that new co-president Loretha Jones is working hard to finalize a budget that would allow them to afford the show.
    Adding “The Game” to their roster wouldn’t be a bad move for BET as re-runs of the sitcom actually score higher ratings than most the network’s original shows.  At news that The CW had cancelled the show, many fans looked to BET to pick it up, too.
    Nothing has been set in stone over at BET, which hasn’t offered any official statement on the possible fate of the show just yet.

    If this deal does go through, we want to know whether “The Game” would be continuing on as a 30-minute sitcom or a one-hour dramedy like show creator Mara Brock-Akil had pitched to The CW before it was cut from the fall lineup.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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