‘True Blood’ recap: Nothing But The Blood

    Then there’s Maryann Forrester, who took Tara in after her own mother left her to fend for herself in prison. 

    Things at Maryann’s place seem to be going well for Tara: She has a new outlook on life and she’s getting to know her cute new housemate, Benedict “Eggs” Talley. Still, there’s something really unsettling about Maryann—even when you don’t take into account that she’s got a giant "Paul Bunyan" pig for a pet.

    Red flags about Maryann for us went off after she slapped the hell out of her butler, Karl, for interrupting Tara and Eggs’ cozy moment at the pool by offering them towels. “Nobody. Needed. TOWELS,” Maryann screamed before stepping over her servant and stomping out of the room.  Hmm…that’s…odd. We’re gonna have to keep an eye on her.

    Coincidently, Maryann also has a past with Sam Merlotte (he owns the bar where Miss Jeanette’s body was found).  Poor Sam just can’t seem to get it together when it comes to women. First, he’s got feelings for Sookie, then, he’s sleeping with Tara (Sookie’s best friend), and now, he’s linked to some crazy woman who’s ready to throw down over towels.

    Back with Sookie, she just found out her perverted old uncle mysteriously passed away after falling into the river behind his house. Of course, Sookie doesn’t entirely believe that’s how he died and she’s got a hunch that Bill is probably the one to credit with the man’s death. When Bill confirms those suspicions, Sookie flies off the handle, but she and Bill quickly make up.

    The episode closes with a scene back in the basement that Lafayette is being held in. He and his cellmate are now that last two folks remaining in the dungeon. Presumably, the others have all been killed. After his fellow prisoner tries to start a fight with one of the vampires (who, BTW, was in the middle of getting his hair foiled), the unfortunate man is ripped to pieces and beaten with his own arm.

    After a first episode like that, we can’t wait to see what the next episode has in store!

    – Sonya Eskridge


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