Beyoncé doesn’t do knockoffs

    Beyoncé knows you’ll be buying souvenirs at her concerts; she just wants to make sure they’re the genuine article.
    According to, Beyoncé has filed a federal lawsuit in New York today, claiming that a bunch of merchants are selling bootleg goods to excited concertgoers.
    Court papers state that the street vendors have been setting up shop “in the vicinity” of her concert stops around the world. No one is explicitly named in the suit, though, so that narrows the field of defendants down to hundreds (if not thousands) of people.
    Bey stated in the suit that she believes more pirates will be selling knockoffs outside her performances at Madison Square Garden on June 21 and 22. Now, she wants to courts to make it illegal for merchants to hock the unlicensed souvenirs.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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