Kelly Rowland and Tracee Ellis make waves

    Two S2S favorites, Kelly Rowland and Tracee Ellis Ross, were recently snapped rocking a whole lot of texture north of their forehead. With the official start of summer just around the corner, a head of free-flowing waves or curls may be just what your hair needs for a little more flavor.

    We loved the long, goddess waves Kelly sported while making her way to a press appearance in London this week. This style is great for anyone with locks that reach your shoulder or beyond.

    As always, there is no shame in a good weave to add a little length.

    To create this style, start with wet or damp hair and spritz a small amount of leave-in conditioner on your hair, like Proclaim’s Smooth Mist Leave In Conditioner ($1.99, Sally Beauty).

    Create a short, neat middle part at the crown of your head before sectioning off your hair into small to medium sections about 1-2 inches wide.

    Braid each section neatly, being sure to de-tangle when needed and smooth each piece down as you are overlapping the hair.

    Secure the ends of each piece with small elastic bands or loop them up and pin them to your head to dry.

    Air-drying is best, as heat may cause this style to dry out and look dull,  but once the hair is completely dry, just unravel the hair and fluff for a nice, beachy look.

    This style can last up to a week or longer if you’re sure to tie it down at night with a satin scarf, or even dampen and re-braid if time permits.


    Tracee was trolling through Hollywood sporting her usual, gorgeous mass of curls. If you normally wear your hair relaxed, you can still achieve a similar look with the help of flexi rods, which are wiry rod rollers that produce a springier curl than magnetic rollers or perm rods. To purchase, visit your local Sally’s, Target or mom and pop beauty supply store.

    Begin with wet hair and apply a wrap lotion, like Motions’ Foaming Wrap Lotion ($1.69, Walgreen’s), throughout your hair before you begin.

    Section off small pieces of hair, comb through the length and then carefully roll the hair with a small rod, smoothing as you go. Depending on the size rods that you purchased, you will either be able to twist the rods into a U shape, or, for smaller rods, you may have to pretzel them to get them to stay on your head.

    For quick drying, sit under a warm hooded dryer before carefully unrolling the rods. Take each curl and separate it into two sections for a fuller look and spray with a non-greasy oil sheen likePantene Pro-V Relaxed & Natural Intensive Oil Sheen Spray ($4.99,
    Walgreen’s) before you head out.

    — Whitney Teal

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