Rihanna sued by angry neighbor

    Rihanna is being hauled into court, only this time, it’s by a disgruntled neighbor.

    E! Online reports that on June 16, Christian Moeller filed suit against RiRi and the owner of the house she’s renting for invasion of privacy. He claims that the singer, and her guests, are driving through his yard to get to her parking area or that they sometimes just park in front of his place.
    Stephen Yacobian, the owner of Rihanna’s place, recently renovated the house; now, there’s hardly anywhere to park at the re-designed pad.
    "Such parking area does not allow even one vehicle to be parked entirely on Defendant’s property," Moeller states in documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court.  He also charged that the singer has used his front yard as an impromptu driveway.  Christian added that she’s also turned her vehicle around on his property and "chauffeured vehicles that park or idle on Plaintiff’s property for hours at a time."
    While he’s complaining about his neighbor, Chris isn’t so hot about those cameras on Rihanna’s property, eiher. He could do without the privacy wall she just put up, too. And he wants her to get rid of the tall bamboo plants on her property that block his view of the city.
    Chris also accuses the singer and Stephen of nuisance, fraud and trespass in his suit.  He’s seeking an unspecified amount in damages, and he wants to take back the agreement he previously made with Steph to let cars pass through his yard.



    – Sonya Eskridge





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