Usher, Tameka keeps tabs on each other

    Now that Usher and Tameka Foster are getting a divorce, they want to be all up in the other one’s business.
    E! News reports that Tameka has hired a detective to follow the crooner.  Now, Ush is requesting all the documents she’s kept and collected during the course of their marriage. That includes financial records, insurance policies and vehicle registrations, just to give you a few examples.
    Usher also wants copies of personal things like letters, pictures, videos, gifts and anything else that might exemplify the kind of husband he’d been during his 22-month marriage to Tameka. And, of course, he’s seeking detective reports and documents that were obtained as the result of "surveillance or investigation."
    But speaking of the length of their marriage, according to divorce documents, Usher and Tameka only spent 11 months as man and wife. Papers show that they separated back in July 2008.
    "The marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken. There is no reasonable hope of reconciliation," state documents filed in Georgia’s Fulton County Superior Court on June 12.
    That means they actually split up about six months before their youngest son, Nayvid, was born. By the way, Usher is also asking for joint custody of the baby and his older brother Usher V.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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