All LeBron needs is…body butter?!

    LeBron James was recently on hand to help Carol’s Daughter unveil their hand-and-foot spa, Back Room, in New York. Since his play uncle, Jay-Z, is one of the key investors in the company, LeBron wanted to come out and support.

    The NBA player spoke with New York magazine about the whole guys-at-the-spa thing and claimed that he wasn’t into it, although, as they spoke, he was enjoying a cucumber and lavender manicure.

    "Man, I’m not into that stuff. All I need is a brush," LeBron told them. "That and some Carol’s Daughter Body Butter to keep off the ash." Nice plug!

    "My family, we use this stuff [body butter] at home," he continued. "I wish I had the time to get manicures and pedicures, but the season is so crazy. Some people make the time, but I don’t."

    We haven’t had the pleasure of touching LB’s hands or feet, but we’re sure they’re doing OK without the manis and pedis. Plus we like a guy that leaves that stuff to the girls!

    But if your man (or dad) needs a little something to "keep off the ash" Carol’s Daughter body products are a great choice. Drop one of these into their Father’s Day gifts and let them know that real men moisturize!

    Body Butter in Ecstacy ($18, Dillard’s) We’re not sure which scent LeBron prefers, but all of the body butters are equally delicious-smelling (there are seven other scents but this one’s our favorite). Tell your guy to apply this the same way he’d use cocoa butter, paying special attention to those elbows and knees.


    The Big Kahuna Shea Souffle ($13, Dillard’s) Rich and creamy, your "big kahuna’s" skin will be silky smooth after slathering on this shea butter-based moisturizer after showers.The scent seems to be popular with the gents as well, if the Website’s comment section is any indication.




    Shea Body Lotion in Mango Melange ($20, Dillard’s) The lotion is a lighter form of moisture (it’s slightly less thick than the line’s shea souffles) and is great for midday touch-ups.





    — Whitney Teal

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