Beyoncé backs out on show

    Beyoncé probably add a lawyer to her entourage now that a New York clubowner wants to take her to court for pulling a preemptive no-show.
    According to Page Six, Bey backed out of a show she was scheduled to do at M2 this Saturdy. The show would have kicked off the North American leg of her “I Am…” tour.
    M2’s owner, Joey Morrissey, said Sasha Fierce and her people backed out on the performance on Wednesday. However, Beyoncé already signed a contract that stated she’d be getting paid $200,000 for the gig.
    “They said they were too busy with the launching of the tour and that they wouldn’t have time to do the kickoff party,” Joey told Page Six. To make up for the last-minute cancellation, Bey offered to come to the club and hang out for a bit, but that’s not really much consolation for the clubowner.
    "I mean, we sold tables for thousands of dollars for the show, and spent $100,000 renting a soundboard and other equipment, as per their stipulations [of the contract],” he said. “What good does her showing up for an hour do me? They’ve been totally unwilling to agree to another show."
    Now, Joey’s getting ready to sue over claims that his reputation has taken a hit from Bey’s back out.
    "If Beyoncé cancels and doesn’t give us a new date, this hurts our credibility in nightlife,” he lamented. "We had an overwhelming response from our clubgoers, who were lining up to buy tickets and tables. This will come as a great disappointment to all of them."



    – Sonya Eskridge




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