Teyana Taylor’s ‘Swagg’ body

    Teyana Taylor, a budding singer on Pharrell’s Star Trak label, recently posted a video of her workout routine. With her washboard abs and crazy guns, we knew her workout would be rigorous, but we got tired just watching it!

    This is what Tey advocates to stay in shape:

    For her abs, she does an exercise that is more than a little hard to explain, let alone complete. Standing on a treadmill with both hands gripping the side bars, she faces opposite the control pad. Using her arms and abs, she raises her knees off of the treadmill, curling them up and then swinging them back. Teyana does 10 reps of these while facing front, then another 10 while pointing her body to the right and another 10 while pointing to the left. "It’s also good for your arms," she said. "They’re gonna really hurt, but it’s going to work out."

    "If you want to get your butt to stand up right and you want to get right, but not be too muscular, what I do is I walk on the treadmill backwards," Teyana explained. Setting the treadmill to a comfortable pace, Teyana walked backwards, explaining that you have to walk on your tippy toes and lift your knees as you walk. She does that for 20 minutes.

    For the arms and legs, Teyana goes for the highest weight that she can carry (for this video, it was 15 pounds) and performs about 20 squats. Then she does a few front lunges with "smaller weights," lifting her arms out to the side as she lunges.

    The next 20 minutes of her workout is spent on the eliptical machine going "pretty slow, to where it’s like, really hard for you." We’re not really sure what exact speed that is either.

    To watch the workout for yourself, visit UStream.

    See you at the gym!

    — Whitney Teal

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