Celebrities gather to celebrate the Black family

    Few people in Hollywood would be as far as they are today without the loving, care, guidance, and foundation of a strong family, which is why S2S gladly accepted an invitation to journalist and Daddy’s Promise founder, Ed Gordon’s Bounty’s Promise, sold-out event at the New York Hilton.  Ed and Bounty® paper towels teamed up to celebrate the Black family with a nationwide search for dads and daughters who exemplify the special father/daughter bond.

    For Ed, the event is his way of giving back to the community and to his 15 year-old daughter, Taylor, what his own father gave him as a child.  “The one thing I learned—he was always there and involved and didn’t miss a day in talking to me.  I try to do that with Taylor and build a relationship where even if I’m pushing and fighting she knows I’m in her corner.”

    “The View” co-host and actress Sherri Shepherd’s father has also always been in her corner.  As she was making her way to the dance floor for the father/daughter dance she shared with us childhood memories of ironing her father’s shirts for work.  “My father would give me a basket of his clothes for his management job.  I remember ironing his shirts like nobody could do it but me.  That was so special because they would say how crisp they were,” she said. 

    Now as an adult she relies on her father more than ever to help her iron out some of the wrinkles in her own personal and professional life.  “Being an adult he has always been there for me.  All of the hard times on “The View,” when people criticize me—my daddy calls me up and says ‘You’re doing good girl.’  I don’t care about nobody if my daddy says it’s alright then it’s all good.”

    One of the most touching stories of the evening was from contest winner Don C.  After discovering that his youngest child at age 2 suffered from a rare lung disorder he decided to become a stay-at-home dad and care for her, while his wife continued to work.  It’s a rare move for a father to make and a huge sacrifice, but it is ultimately a testament to the beauty of family.

    “My wife was in her career that she loved.  I went to school for computer networking.  I’m more of the musical head—songwriting and producing.  So I said I’d rather let my wife pursue her dream since I’m not even in my field.  Financially, mentally, and everything it is challenging because this is my youngest and I have 2 others kids.  It was tough financially but I had to do it,” he said.

    Thankfully his sacrifices are paying off as his now 5 year-old daughter is healing and was all smiles and laughter at the event.  We were happy to see this man get treated to a long list of prizes that included an all-expense paid trip to New York City, a dining experience and a Bounty cooking demonstration at B. Smith’s restaurant in New York’s theater district, a father & daughter salon visit, a shopping spree, and more.
    Before we left we ran into Vivica A. Fox.  For Vivica the event went beyond celebrating fathers/daughters to really honor the Black family.  “I am thrilled to see the family coming back in our community.  We had so many unbelievably negative eras that we need to shake.  Now we got wonderful images and role models being portrayed again.  Family is the foundation.  Without a good foundation at home how can you ever be positive and productive in the world?”

    With that said, we couldn’t have summed up the powerful message of this event and the importance of the Black family any better ourselves.

    — Souleo

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