Foxy’s stay at Club Fed

    Apparently there wasn’t much difference between a jail sentence and staying at hotel for Foxy Brown.
    When Foxy was released from prison last year, her manager released a statement claiming that the rapper did her time under awful conditions. Now sources at Rikers Island are blowing the whistle about how wrong that statement is.
    The New York Post reports that the rapper got special treatment while she served a nine-month sentence at Rikers Island for scrapping with two manicurists in 2006. First off, she got to rock Gucci sneakers and Fendi scarves, and when they got dirty brand new ones were brought to her.
    According to sources at the Department of Corrections, it doesn’t end there, either. The jail set up an interview and photo shoot with XXL magazine (complete with a makeup artist) to promote her album and a reality show.  Stephen Morello, the prison’s spokesman, swears that there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary about allowing Foxy to have an interview.
    "We’re required to allow inmates access to the media," he said. "This is exactly how we do each and every one of these. She may have been promotionally motivated, but it’s absolutely wrong to suggest we were partners in this."
    Being in jail is tough and many are able to handle their incarceration by finding God, but few get help from a staff of religious leaders. The Post reports that Umar Abdul-Jalil played a big part in all the special treatment Foxy enjoyed, and he got help from two of his ministers, the Rev. Kevin Green and Imam Aisha Muhammad.
    Between the three of them, they would find a way to meet all of Foxy’s requests, no matter what they might be. "They were in her cell day and night," a department supervisor said. "Whatever she wanted, Sister Aisha would talk to warden [Michelle] Mack and get it."
    As a result, Foxy got to put up a privacy curtain over the bars of her cell, and she was allowed to hang out at a housing unit for high-profile inmates.  However, because only a certain amount of prisoners were let out of their cell at any one given time, this meant others had to wait until the rapper got ready to go back to her bunk.
    "Everyone else in that area sat in their cell longer than they should have because that chick had carte blanche," said a Rikers Island insider.
    And, sources claim, Foxy wasn’t exactly on her best behavior while she was in lock up.  She was ordered into solitary confinement for 76 days after getting into a fight with another prisoner.  It seems, though, that she didn’t exactly spend the time alone since Aisha “practically lived down there” with her. Foxy’s stay in “solitary” was abbreviated, too; she only wound spending 40 days there.
    The rapper also refused to take a drug test and she popped off at the prison staff. Sources claim that the she verbally abused a captain who told Foxy to get of pictures she had of herself.
    And get this: During her time at Rikers, Foxy had unlimited access to phones and TV, and she never had to eat with other inmates because her meals were brought to her.  When her time in jail was up, the rapper rode off in a luxury SUV.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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