Perez plans to press charges

    Perez Hilton said he’s suing Will.I.Am and the band manager of The Black Eyed Peas, Polo Molina.

    Perez said that Polo punched him in the face two or three times during a fight outside Ultra nightclub in Toronto over the weekend. The New York Daily News reports that Polo has since turned himself in to Toronto police.
    “I understand that Mr. Polo Molina is being prosecuted for assault in Toronto,” Perez’s lawyer told the Daily News. “[Perez] intends to take immediate action to make sure that Mr. Molina and Will.I.Am understand very clearly that physical violence is unacceptable on any level.”
    Will released a video yesterday claiming that he never laid a hand on Perez during their verbal argument. He also accused the celebrity blogger of going there by calling him a “f**king f****t.” Now another Web video is backing up Will’s story.

    A rep for the nightclub has confirmed that people were scrapping outside the establishment, but no details were offered on the matter.  However, even Perez has blogged that Will didn’t punch him.
    “I’d have more respect for you if you hit me yourself — you’re a coward,” he said. “Violence is never the answer. F— you, Will.I.Am, for lying.”
    With a video proving Will’s account, the fact the someone else has already turned themselves in for the crime, and Perez even acknowledging that the lyricist didn’t hit him, we wonder what the point of hauling Will into court would be. Just saying!



    — Sonya Eskridge




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