‘True Blood’ recap: Keep This Party Going

    Let’s start with Jason Stackhouse who looked as clean as a new bar of soap while on his way to the Light of Day Leadership Academy.  If we didn’t watch last season, we never would have known the guy singing camp songs on the bus had been strung out on V (vampire blood, the series’ equivalent to crack).
    He quickly manages to make frienemies with one of his bunkmates, who devoted his life to being accepted to the academy. It was a little scary (and sad) to see the guy try so hard, but still be upstaged by Jason at every turn.  Oh well!
    Moving on, Jason had a minor freak out during one of the camp activities where participants were being taught what to do when confronted by a vampire. Specifically, he grabbed a flagpole, snapped it in half and ran at the preacher’s wife.  Thankfully, he got a hold of himself and a potentially deadly situation only turned out to be awkward.
    And we have one final thought on this academy: If this is supposed to be a church-related program, why is some pop princess tarting it up for the students? And why is the crowd praising like it’s gospel?!  I don’t think we’ll get the answer to that question, but it still makes us curious.
    Meanwhile with Tara Thornton, things between her and Benedict “Eggs” Talley are heating up. But before things get too hot, she wanted to ask him some questions about himself.  What she found out was that he’s a jobless ex-con, who’d been locked up for drugs (possession and dealing), armed robbery and assault (he got out early for good behavior on that charge).
    After finding all that out about the brother, that still didn’t scare Tara off!  But what she is being cautious about is staying with Marianne Forrester. “Something inside me says, ‘This isn’t right, Tara. Don’t trust it,’” she confessed to her best friend, Sookie Stackhouse. 
    There’s only one thing we can say about that: Go with your gut, Tara!  You need to get away from Marianne!  Run fast, run far!  Anyway who can put away countless plates of food and not explode is evil.

    And speaking of Marianne, she showed off more of her spooky abilities this week—aside from eating piles of food.
    Sam Merlotte said he built his bar to be a place where people could enjoy a drink and not be bothered by folks wanting to dance. Well, we guess Marianne Forrester didn’t get that memo, because after downing god knows how many plates of food, she got up and got everyone to shake some tail feathers.
    Normally, dancing at a bar doesn’t seem so odd, but when peoples’ eyes start glossing over and turning black, that gives another reason to wonder about her. That and those freaky vibrations that radiate from her body, anyway. It doesn’t help her case that she also made Sam shapeshift into a dog.  That ain’t natural!

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