Mathew and Tina separated?

    There are rumors that Mathew and Tina Knowles aren’t crazy in love anymore.
    Destiny’s Child The Rumors reports that the two have split up. The news came in the form of an anonymous letter from a woman claiming that her mom is good friends with mama Knowles.
    “Tina told my mother that her and Mathew have been separated for at least a year now, and [they] are living in different homes even though they have kept their main house,” the writer revealed.
    And although the tipster said the two don’t intend to get a divorce, they did divulge that Mathew is mainly to blame for the split.
    “Mathew’s narrow-mindedness and lies have seen Tina turn her back on him and his dealings,” the source wrote. “She will always love Mathew but she can no longer live in his controlling ways.”
    We sincerely hope that this is something the rumor mill got wrong, but we’ll be checking into the hearsay.



    – Sonya  Eskridge




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