Rihanna returns to Cover Girl


    Cover Girl is re-releasing its most recent ad campaign featuring Rihanna.
    Sources reveal that the cosmetics company is reinstating the campaign for its Exact Eyelights mascara,
    TMZ.com reports. The ads had originally been pulled once pictures of Rihanna’s injuries following her altercation with Chris Brown were leaked.
    A TV commercial for the mascara and prints ads promoting the product briefly ran a few months ago, so the spots may look familiar. The decision was announced about a day after RiRi would have testified against Chris.
    Cover Girl claims that its Exact Eyelights mascara will “turn up the light in your eyes.” After seeing how fabulous Rihanna looked in the commercials, we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t considered giving it a try ourselves. But, we’re still taking the claims that it can make the color of your eyes  “four times brighter” with a grain of salt.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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