The Scoop and Shanda show

    Fatman Scoop and his wife Shanda are trying to bring their views on life, love and everything else to daytime TV.
    The couple already has an online series called “Man and Wife” where they dispense advice for the bedroom, which was later parlayed into a show on MTV. Now, they’ve taped a pilot for what could become their new talk show.
    “Scoop and Shanda,”on the other hand, would have a decidedly different feel and format.  Judging by the pilot they taped, it seems to be a daytime talk show where the couple discusses contemporary issues and give viewers a look at the everyday aspects of their marriage.
    The charismatic couple will also be dishing about the latest gossip during every show. And, of course, Scoop and Shanda will do what they do best: talk about relationships and how to make them work.  After checking out the clips they posted to YouTube, we think this is definitely a show we’d have to DVR.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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