Michael Jackson’s autopsy begins

    Doctors in Los Angeles are doing an autopsy as they try to determine the exact cause of Michael Jackson’s death
    Michael’s loved ones are reportedly heading to the coroner’s office now, according to TMZ.com.
    The autopsy is being done at the Los Angeles County Coroner and is being led by Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran.
    A member of Michael’s family told TMZ that they believe a shot of Demerol is to blame for his untimely demise. The unnamed Jackson family member claims the music legend got a daily injection of the drug, but that the dose he received yesterday was too much for him to handle.
    The final results of a toxicology report won’t be available for at least six weeks.
    The singer died after suffering cardiac arrest in his Los Angeles home Thursday afternoon. Paramedics were called to his house and they attempted to revive him by administering CPR. Unfortunately they were not able to do so.
    Other reports state that Michael may already have been dead when emergency crews arrived because paramedics could not find a pulse when they got to his home.
    TMZ reports that a group of 13 tourists actually saw Michael being rushed to the hospital. They were onboard a Starline Tours bus that had stopped outside his home at the time of the incident.
    Now, authorities are looking for the doctor who lived in Michael’s home so that they can interview him. Unfortunately, police haven’t been able to track him down just yet, and there are reports that the mystery doctor’s BMW was actually towed from Michael’s home last night.
    CNN reports that Michael’s body will be released after his family makes arrangements.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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