Michael Jackson’s fashion legacy lives

    Michael Jackson may have physically left us, but his legacy will always live. Not only was he a barrier-breaking entertainer, he was also a trend-setting fashion plate that was ahead of his time. We’re taking a look at some of MJ’s finest fashion moments–and who has been inspired by them.

    Military jackets: Mike was a fan of boxy broad-shouldered jackets for a while, but it was the now-iconic gold and black British Royal Army-inspired jacket that most remember.


    When English designer Balmain introduced similar shapes in his jackets and dresses, the music and fashion elite, like Beyonce and Rihanna, jumped on the trend, but neither wore them as well as Michael himself, who was spotted more than once in the designers’ wears.

    One glove
    : MJ’s songs and dances were so hot, he didn’t need two gloves to keep his hands warm. When he rolled out the video for his hit "Billie Jean," donning only one white glittery glove, fans went crazy.


    Over 20 years later, both Beyonce and Chris Brown have picked up on the trend, forgoing the second glove while they perform. Bey even made her solitary glove a part of her I Am…Sasha Fierce marketing plan, rocking only one metal hand covering to red carpet events and even on her album cover.

    Gold lame: The King of Pop didn’t invent or even popularize this trend (those honors would have to go to the King of Rock, Elvis Presley), but he certainly updated it for a new generation. Beyonce’s I Am… tour costumes are a nod to MJ’s HIStory-era look.


    Red leather jacket: "’Cause this is thriller! Thriller of the night…"

    No one over the age of 5 and under the age of 95 can ever forget Mijac’s "Thriller" video where he rocked a red leather jacket with black trim.












    Chris Brown and Eddie Murphy have both emulated, and singer Teairra Marie recently paid tribute during a Derek Blanks photoshoot.

    White suit with a fedora: When Michael grabs his crotch, everyone takes notice. One fan was probably rap mogul Jay-Z, whose 2004 MTV Video Music Awards look was oddly familiar…almost like a "Smooth Criminal."

    Gold robot costume: For the HIStory era, MJ’s gold armour was perfect for his smooth moonwalks.

    Bey must have thought it was equally perfect for her booty shaking because she wore a very similar costume during her performance at the 2007 BET Awards.

    What’s your favorite Michael Jackson costume?


    – Whitney Teal

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