Show to go on for Michael Jackson?

    Fans may still get to see the performance that Michael Jackson would have given in London this summer.
    Before his tragic death on Thursday afternoon, Michael had been practicing at The Staples Center for his This Is It tour. reports that Wednesday’s rehearsal had actually been shot in multi-track, multi-camera high definition; now, the recording could be released as his final CD.
    The tapes were made as part of the deal Michael had with AEG Live, who had been hired to promote Michael’s extended gig, and one company official bragged this weekend that they “have a live album in the can.”
    According to The Wrap the recordings might also be used to create a DVD or Blu-Ray of Michael’s last performance ever.
    “We had rehearsed for the last couple weeks. We put together a complicated show, quite a spectacular show,” lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe told BBC 4. “Of course, a huge part of it was him, and I would say for the last week he hadn’t really been with us.”
    Many of those working on the tour were concerned about Michael’s health and some thought he seemed frail in his final days. Reportedly, he’d been a no-show for a lot of the rehearsals in the last two months. He did a full run-though of the show on June 24; it would have been a truly spectacular performance complete with a 3D version of a haunted mansion (you know Michael had to do it big for “Thriller”).
    Supposedly, AEG could lose millions and millions of dollars behind the unexpected cancellation of Michael’s shows. However, they stand to recoup the prospective loss if the CD and DVD or Blu-Ray is released.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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