How-to: Keyshia Cole’s BET hair

    When Keyshia Cole took the BET Awards stage with Monica, all we could think was, "Look at her hair!" Luckily, the folks at Motions and Keyshia’s hair stylist Ursula Stephen decided to share the steps to get her ‘do.

    "I was definitely inspired by women of the 70’s," said Ursula. "Keyshia’s cut is a cross between Janet from ‘Three’s Company’ and Farrah Fawcett’s iconic ‘Charlie’s Angels’ hair."



    Cut: Start with a great cut. Ursula recommends asking your hairstylist for layers from top to bottom. "I gave her [Keyshia] dramatic layers but didn’t want to take off too much length," she told Motions. "And I left some pieces longer in the back to give the cut an interesting edginess to it."

    Spray: Ursula likes using both a heat protectant and a hairspray before styling. First Spritz the heat protectant (Ursula reccommends Motions Heat Seeker Protecting Spray, $6.50, on damp hair.





    Then follow with a light hold hair spray on each section of the hair immediately before flat ironing. We like either Motions Light Hold Spritz ($4.59, or Ion Anti-Frizz Solutions Alchol-Free Hair Spray ($5.29,


    Flat Iron: Keyshia’s look relies on a bumped, not curled, bit of texture. As you flat iron each section, curve your writst a bit for a slight bump. When you get to the front sections, bump the hair in the opposite direction, away from your face, to achieve the classic wings.


    –Whitney Teal

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