Michael Jackson’s not the father?!

    It seems that none of Michael Jackson’s children belonged to him.
    At least one source has told TMZ.com that Michael is not their biological father. All three kids were conceived through in vitro fertilization, and he was not the sperm donor for any of the procedures.
    Debbie Rowe, his ex-wife and the woman who carried the two oldest kids, isn’t their biological mother, either. There’s no word on whether he chose the donors or if he knew their identities.
    It’s also been reported that the surrogate who birthed Blanket (Prince Michael II) never knew that Michael was the person who would be raising him.
    On top of that, Michael didn’t actually adopt the children. According to
    TMZ, the King of Pop never filed the legal adoption papers for his kids. However, legal experts have said that because they lived with Michael, he’s presumed to be their father.
    Supposedly, MJ never adopted the kids because he didn’t think there was another person who would try to claim them.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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