Man arrested for calling Mrs. Officer

    Police arrested a Florida man who kept calling 911 and asking them to take him to Lil’ Wayne’s house.
 reports that Michael Kruse got clapped in some cuffs for the fraudulent emergency calls last week.
    The Weezy fanatic, who was calling from his Ford Taurus, casually asked the 911 operator for a police escort to Lil’ Wayne’s place in Miami. When she figured out what he was asking for, she was still couldn’t believe what she was hearing!
    But, Michael was flexible; he told the operator that if he couldn’t get a motorcade, he would have settled for a helicopter.
    "We don’t just send helicopters up for rappers," she said.
    When officers arrived to give Michael a police escort to jail, he admitted that this wasn’t the first call he’d made to 911 with that particular request.
    Click here to listen to how the whole thing went down.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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