Tiny and Toya make their debut

    Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and Antonia “Toya” Carter have officially become reality stars with their premiere of their BET show, “Tiny and Toya.”
    The opening was kind of a mess, so we were worried about how good the show might be, but we were pleasantly surprised.
    Now, we know that much of Tiny’s season will follow how she’s preparing for T.I.’s prison sentence, but she’ll also be thinking a lot about their relationship. Viewers we may also get to see what happened the day that T.I. reported to prison, according to the Associated Press.
    And for all those that say Tiny is a gold digger, she revealed on Tuesday’s premiere that she first met T.I. at a mall after “No Scrubs” was released. That means she had her own thing together well before she ever crossed his path.
    While we’re talking about music, Tiny’s mom seems to be Xscape’s biggest fan and she kept asking her daughter why she ever gave music up.
    “Tip doesn’t really care for me to work. It’s a tough one because you could lose your relationship because you want to go to work,” Tiny confessed. “You just gotta ask yourself, ‘How much is it worth?’”
    But, even if Tiny never returns to the stage or the soundboard, she has another venture in mind. Anyone that’s seen the first episode of “Jamie’s Kitchen” will know that business is actually a nail shop, which we’ll find out more about in future episodes of the series.
    Tiny also gave cameras a peek at how it is deal with a parent who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease like her father is. Honestly, it was a little sad to see his grandkids asking he knows who they are. We found out that the one thing he’s lucid about is his music because he is one of the original members of The Tams.

    The premiere of “Tiny and Toya” seemed to have a strong focus on family as Toya was going through some things with her own mother as well.
    According to Toya, they had a great relationship while her mom was staying in Atlanta and out of trouble. That quickly changed after she let for New Orleans and got caught up in drug use.
    “You can lose a lot of things, but family is worth fighting for,” she cryptically said at the beginning of the show. 
    Toya was ready for a fight to reclaim her mom, too, because she flew out to New Orleans to track her down. She finally found her in the 7th ward in the middle of a street.
    “I’ll kidnap her. I’m willing to do whatever. I gotta get her out of this city right now,” Toya vowed. "I’m trying to show her another way to live."
    Unfortunately, after their confrontation, Toya came home alone.  We hope her next attempt to bring her mom home will be more successful.
    Like any good friend, Tiny wanted to cheer Toya up after the upsetting trip to New Orleans, so she threw a slumber party.  As they sat around a fire sipping wine with their girlfriends, the conversation inevitably turned to men. You know it always comes up during girl talk—especially when wine is involved!
    During their cozy chat, Toya said the main reason she was still unattached is because she’d rather a man all to herself instead of just a piece of man.  We assume she’s referring to her ex-husband Lil’ Wayne there, but Tiny came in with the real gotcha.
    “I know why you’re single,” she told Toya. “It’s hard to top where you been; you’re going to be so picky.” Translation: Tiny doesn’t think her friend is over Weezy, which looks like it may be a continuing theme for her this season.
    Before BET rolled credits on “Tiny and Toya,” one of the other ladies gave Tiny something to think about: If you’re with a man and you don’t have something else going on for yourself, how will you be able to grow and really contribute anything to the relationship? 
    That’s some serious food for thought, ladies.



    — Sonya Eskrige




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