She’s got a big ‘Ego’

    The multi-platinum, multi-talented and multi-award-winning diva herself, Beyoncé, just kicked off the U.S. leg of her I Am… world tour in Madison Square Garden and recently made a stop in Washington, D.C.
    Among the audience members were three of Beyoncé’s biggest fans, First Lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia.    
    Now, as internationally famous as Mrs. Knowles–Carter is, she doesn’t really need an opening act. However, Beyoncé selected a girl group that resembles a modern day Destiny’s Child—before the first breakup.
    Audra, Brave, Lyndriette, and Seven, better known as Richgirl, walked on the stage like sex kittens dressed in all black.
    The four-part girl group is so new to the music game that the audience was taken aback when they first came on. This all changed once they opened their mouths and belted out harmonies that would make En Vogue want to run home and practice—which made the crowd warm up to the newcomers.
    There couldn’t have been a better opening act.
    Once Richgirl’s set was done, the lights went black and a roar erupted from the audience as the lady of honor screamed out “baaabbbyy” and began to sing one of her hit singles, “Déjà Vu.”
    Ladies dressed in their freakum dresses and five-inch stilettos
    and even grown menhad no problem jumping up and down and yelling out “Beyoncé” as the “Single Ladies” superstar, dressed in a shimmery gold leotard with an oversized bow in the back, strutted onto the stage.
    Why was everyone screaming?
    Well, it’s simple, despite most of the show being lip-synched, Beyoncé (aka Sasha Fierce) brought the moves, the spice, flare and overall fierceness that her fans adore.
    The big-haired curvy bombshell was even pulled up into the air by two wires and “walked” across the heads of the audience—without her feet actually touching them, of course.
    What the show lacked in live vocals it made up for with everything else. As much as some love to hate her, they must admit that Beyoncé is one of the best performers of her generation and by the looks of the I Am… world tour she will always hold that title!
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    — Marcus A. Williams  




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