Steve McNair’s death ruled homicide

    Tennessee police have declared that the shocking death of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair was a homicide.
    Steve had been shot twice in the head and twice in the chest when authorities found his body in his Nashville condominium on Saturday. According to the Associate Press, police are hesitant to say that what happened was actually a murder-suicide, despite the fact that his mistress, 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi, was found dead of a single shot in the head.
    Police said that a semiautomatic gun was found under Sahel’s body, but they haven’t figured out who the gun may have belonged to.
    Authorities aren’t looking for suspects in the shooting, but they are asking people who were close to Steve and Sahel questions, including her ex-boyfriend. They’re also waiting on the results of several tests to before they determine whether the deaths were the result of a couple’s spat gone horribly wrong.
    Steve, 36, and his wife, Mechelle McNair, had been married for just over 12 years, and the couple had four children together. He and Sahel had also been seeing each other for a few months at the time of their deaths.
    Reportedly, the player met Sahel one of the times his family had gone out to eat at a Dave & Buster’s restaurant in Nashville. The two quickly began dating and their relationship got serious enough for them to go on a getaway together.
    It’s not clear how much Mechelle knew about her husband’s affair, but she’s made no comments about the incident as she finishes up arrangements for Steve’s funeral. According to his agent, Mechelle’s "very upset, very distraught" over the news.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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