How-to: Teyana Taylor’s Independence Day face

    Teyana Taylor was one of many celebs in white who attended Diddy’s annual 4th of July White Party (her rumored boo Chris Brown, Cassie and Mariah Carey also showed up).

    She followed the rules and kept her dress all white, but her pretty and pink makeup was another story.

    If you’re interested in trying the look yourself, the summer is a great time to do so.

    Don’t be afraid of wearing pink on any shade of brown; just be sure that all the tones you choose are more warm, rather than frosty.

    For the eyes, which were definitely the highlight of Teyana’s face, begin with an ultra creamy black eyeliner, using it to create a thin to medium rim around your eye.

    Then, layer different shadow colors, including a smoky gray around the lashline, mauve near the crease and a shimmering pink underneath your brow bone. Finish off with a lash-plumping mascara.

    The rest of the face is pretty easy: a sweep of rosy pink blush across the apples of both cheeks and a coat of bright pink lipgloss finish your face.

    For all the tools you’ll need to mimic Teyana’s Independence Day face, check out these products:


    –Whitney Teal

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