Beyoncé has ‘Sweet Dreams’

    As most people were turning in for the night, Beyoncé was unveiling her newest music video.
    For "Sweet Dreams" Bey dragged her ever-present backup dancers to the desert before dropping them into a white studio space. But, this time, she added a splash of color to the video, and she threw in couple rainbows for good measure.
    It might be a bit tougher to steal Sasha’s swag from this video, though, since it’s not as simple as her others have been. There’s no shortage of dance breaks in “Sweet Dreams,” but it definitely has a surreal twist complete with shattering mirrors and multiple Beyoncés randomly popping up on screen. 
    And remember that metal glove Bey rocked in the “Single Ladies” clip?  Well, she expanded on that concept for “Sweet Dreams.” Of course, this isn’t the first time she’s dressed up like a robot. We just hope those black outfits are part of the new Dereon line because they are fierce (no pun intended).
    The video, shot in a Brooklyn, New York, studio was directed by Adria Petty.




    – Sonya Eskridge




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