Man suffers a chocolate death

    Proof that chocolate really does kill: A New Jersey man died after falling into a vat of melted hot chocolate, reports Reuters. The 29-year-old was an employee of Cocoa Services Inc in Camden, New Jersey when he, along with four other workers, were standing on a platform above the vat throwing chunks of chocolate into it to be melted, Jason Laughlin, a rep for the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office said.

    "He somehow slipped and fell into the vat," Jason said. "Inside the vat, he was hit by a piece of equipment called the agitator that’s used to stir, and that killed him."

    The chocolate-filled vat was eight feet deep.

    "At this point there’s no suggestion of foul play," said Jason. The Prosecutor’s Office believes that the victim died instantly from the agitator’s strike.

    –Whitney Teal

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