Mistress shot Steve McNair in his sleep

    Police are calling the deaths of Steve McNair and his mistress, Sahel Kazemi, a murder-suicide.
    CNN.com reports that Sahel shot Steve in the right side of his head before firing off three more bullets at him. Police said that he was sitting on the couch, and was probably asleep at the time of the incident, which took place in a Nashville condominium.
    "The totality of the evidence clearly points to a murder-suicide," Police Chief Ronal Serpas stated during a press conference. "McNair was seated on the sofa and likely was asleep, and we believe that Kazemi shot him in the right temple, then shot him twice in the chest, and then shot him a final time in the left temple."
    An investigation found that there were traces of gunshot residue on her left hand. Authorities said that she used a 9 mm handgun to shoot the former NFL quarterback before turning it on herself.
    And police think that Sahel had planned where to kill herself.  “[She] positioned herself next to [Steve] on the sofa and shot herself once in the right temple,” Chief Serpas explained. “We do believe she tried to stage that when she killed herself, she would fall in his lap."
    Chief Serpas added that there was no evidence to suggest that anyone else was in the condo during the shooting, which took place after 1 a.m. on July 4. He noted that Sahel had become unsure of her relationship with Steve in the weeks leading up to the incident. They claim she became particularly rattled when she saw someone leaving the condo a few days before the tragedy.
    "She had become very distraught and on two occasions told friends and associates that her life was all messed up and that she was going to end it all," he told reporters. “There was evidence that she was spinning out of control.”
    Although coroners agree that most things indicate Sahel did kill herself, they will not list a cause of death until they get the final lab results.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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