MJ doc had a history of malpractice

    Michael Jackson’s death is still somewhat of a mystery, especially considering that he had a physician in his home prior to passing.

    Dr. Conrad Murray had been MJ’s doctor for at least three years and was hired to travel with him everywhere, including his scheduled comeback tour in Europe, but TMZ has surfaced details of his potentially checkered past.

    The disgruntled wife of one of Conrad’s patients was all ready to file a malpractice suit against him in 2007 after he performed surgery on her 67-year-old husband, leading to the patient’s death. Conrad had drained fluid from his heart and in the process punctured the organ, which was one of four causes of death for the Las Vegas resident. His widow wanted to sue the doctor for malpractice, but was deterred by the cost of the suit, which would have included paying a large amount of money for a testimony from a medical expert.

    Avoid making the same mistake with your doc and choose wisely before committing to a primary physician. The New York State Department of Health advises getting recommendations from friends and family, asking a great hospital for a referral or checking your area medical society as alternatives to randomly picking from the insurance listings.

    Once you have a few good options, do a thorough background check. Find out if the doctors are licensed, board-certified and if any legal actions have ever been taken against them. Most of this information will be available through your state (google your state and health department for the Website), which can point you in the direction of the licensing unit and public documents department. To find out if he or she is board-certified, visit the American Board of Medical Specialities.

    Also, arrange for a routine checkup to see how you interact with the doctor. Use this time as a type of interview, and ask any questions that may have been unanswered during your research.

    For more information about choosing a doctor, visit the National Institutes of Health‘s guide to choosing a doctor.

    Check out S2S‘s coverage of Michael Jackson’s life and death here.



    –Whitney Teal

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