How-to: Angela Simmons’ Pastry debut

    Angela Simmons was back on the East Coast to promote her shoe line, Pastry.

    We were loving her low-key beauty: long layers with a light hue at the tips, barely there makeup and bright red nails.

    Angie’s hair was long, glossy and full of vibrant color.

    For an equally hot look, you’ll need a ceramic flat iron, combs of varying sizes, a shine serum and a little alcohol-free gel.







    To start, simply use a rattail comb to create side part before sweeping the the left side over your forehead for a long bang. Comb the rest of your hair straight down with a wider-tooth comb. Apply a dime-sized amount of serum to your entire head, focusing on the ends, which are prone to becoming frizzy and dull. Use the iron to smooth your hair down, bumping some of the shorter pieces to create depth. A bit of gel around your hairline is all you need to finish the look.

    And if you want a little of her color, consider a semi-permanent hue, but remember that it won’t help if you need to make your tresses brighter; non-permanenent colors can only darken hair.

    Angela has the no-makeup makeup look down pat. To try it yourself, you’ll need an oil-free sunscreen, light facial foundation, blue eyeshadow, mascara and clear lipgloss.

    Start by applying the sunscreen to a clean dry face, then follow up with the foundation. We love using mark Face Xpert Flawless Touch Makeup because the unique built-in sponge applicator makes it really, really easy to get a smooth light finish. You can dust a thin layer of blush across the apples of your cheeks for more color, or keep it totally minimal like Ange.

    For a bit of color, Angela dabbed a little deep blue eyeshadow on her lids, near the lashline. You can use blue, or any other bright color to achieve the same pop. Follow with a mascara and throw on your lipgloss (Smith’s Rosebud Salve is a cheap, celeb minimalist fave). You’re done!

    Miss Simmons was also toned-down around her nail region: she chose a cherry red nailcolor, like this L’Oreal’s Pro Manicure Nail Polish in Apple of My Eye ($4.59, Ulta).





    –Whitney Teal

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