Wendy’s back…on TV


    How you doin’, daytime TV? “The Wendy Williams Show” (finally) had its official, national debut this morning on your local FOX affiliate.  After a successful, six-week test run last summer, it was clear that audiences couldn’t get enough of Wendy, and they brought her back.
    But what everyone really wants to know is what’s going on with her radio show. It was a huge shock to hear that it had been suspended from WBLS, especially when it was doing so well with listeners. So will Wendy ever get back on the airwaves, or not?
    “Well, I was just on the radio yesterday and I’ll be on the radio today.  Last week I was touring for my TV show.  I’ve been on all week.  My status with radio?  I’m here—for now,” Wendy told
    BET last week. “TV is my present and I got to be very present to make it a strong part of my future.”
    That sounds pretty consistent with what she told Charlamagne not too long ago.

    If you missed the show this morning (either because of your schedule or location), don’t worry! You can catch “The Wendy Williams Show” tonight on BET



    – Sonya Eskridge




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