Nas fires back at Kelis

    Nas is turning his pockets inside out in response to Kelis’ calls for child and spousal support.
 reports that the rapper makes waaay less than his estranged wife thinks he does.
    Kelis has charged that Nas made $11 million off of his record deal, but he said that’s not true.  "I did not receive even half that amount,” Nas stated in court papers he recently filed. He estimates his earnings from that contract to be around $4 million.
    That fits his claims that his income has dropped significantly to $147,165 a month. About $71,371 of that is eaten up by monthly expenses, including $10,000 for hair, clothes, toiletries and other personal things.
    And he said allegations that he hasn’t contributed a dime to help pay for his unborn son (Kelis could be delivering any day) are false. Nas asserted that he’s bought a $350-stroller and shelled out more than $2,000 for cribs and childcare.
    But, on the topic of child support, Nas stated that he thinks $5,000 a month is a reasonable amount considering that child will only be a newborn. There’s no word on what said about spousal support for Kelis, though.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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