Camp plans to sue swim club

    A Philadelphia swim club has said it can’t handle the prospective lawsuit they may be slapped with after a group of minority kids was turned away from their pool.
    reports that Creative Steps Day Camp has rejected The Valley Club’s invite to return to their facility, and it plans to file a lawsuit against the establishment.
    "Our pool could not handle a lawsuit. We don’t have the money. We’re just a small club. We’re volunteers,” the club director’s wife, Bernice Duesler, said.
    The dust up began on June 29 when about 65 campers, mostly Black and Latino, were asked to leave the club. Reportedly, the rejected kids heard members make racist remarks and ask “what are all these Black kids doing here?”
    The day after the incident, the swim club revoked the camp’s membership and returned the $1,950 that it had paid in fees. The Valley Club still denies that the kids were kicked out because of their race, but the facility’s director initially admitted that there were concerns their presence would “change the complexion…and the atmosphere of the club."
    "I wish we had come up with better solutions. I wish we had it to do all over again," said Bernice Duesler, the director’s wife. "I hope we can teach our children a lesson — that you should admit errors. We should have done things differently. And if there are differences, we can overcome them."



    — Sonya Eskridge




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