‘The T.O. Show’: not your typical Black reality series

    We’ve always been taught that behind every good man is a good woman.  In the case of NFL Star Terrell Owens, there are two good women who crack their whips and keep Terrell and his alter ego, the infamous "T.O." in check and the world will get an opportunity to witness just that on the upcoming VH1 reality show, "The T.O. Show." 
    Monique "Mo" Jackson and Kita Williams are the two dynamic divas who collectively comprise TEAM Image, and are an intricate part of the new reality series that highlights the differences between Terrell and T.O. "T.O is an electrifying loudmouth who comes across cocky and conceited," says Kita.  "Terrell is a cornball. T.O. is hot and sexy. Terrell is shy and wishes he could be T.O."
    According to the ladies, this exciting new show will raise eyebrows and will allow the world to get to know Terrell instead of the notorious T.O.
"This is not your typical Black reality show," said Monique. "It tells a story about Terrell and his life journey–job, faith, friendship and the common thread that all three of us are going through. It’s a journey through life with friends and family."

    The ladies, who met while working for Def Jam Recordings, wrote the treatment and approached MTV about the reality show concept five years ago. But before production began, the ladies bumped heads with the football star, took a stance and quit. Owens called them a year later to return. The ladies also make it clear that neither of them have ever had an intimate relationship with the controversial football star, and are very critical of the women he chooses.
    "The women have to go through us first," said Kita. "We have his best interest at heart. He has to understand that there’s more than a pretty face. He wants a good woman who’s low-maintenance, but looks high-maintenance. We want to know that she can be okay with being a stepmother and that she can be okay with his moodiness. We have his best interest at heart."
    The T.O. Show premieres July 20 on VH1, but here’s a sneak peek of the show.

    Click here if you want to see the full premiere episode.



    – LaToya Foster




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