Bicycle diaries

    More and more celebs are getting caught riding bikes (including Damon Dash, Solange and Serena Williams).

    And for good reason: bikes are an eco-friendly way to get around and an excellent calorie burner.

    If you want to take a page out of your favorite trendsetting star’s book, but haven’t been on your old girlhood friend in a while, we’ve got you covered. We assembled some tips from the experts to give you a refresher course on the bike rules of the road.

    * Wear a helmet. Yes, it seems obvious, but it’s still the single most important safety measure that cyclists can take, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Also, leave the headphones at home.

    *Think like a car. Most states require cyclists to follow the same rules as motorists, since they share the road. The state of California’s Department of Motor Vehicles advises you to "obey the rules of the road as if you were driving a car — stop at stop signs, red lights, and signal before turning or changing lanes." That also includes yielding to pedestrians.

    *Don’t go back to black. Black’s a great color for other occasions, but leave it at home for the bike ride. NHTSA recommends wearing fluorescent or "brightly colored clothing" at all times when on a bike.

    *Gimme the light. To ensure that cars see you at night, install a front light, red reflector or flashing rear light to get motorists attention. Or, use a few well-placed strips of retroreflective tape to keep safe. Bike light sets that include both a headlight and a taillight are available, like this Bell Dark Flyer Bike Light Set ($18.49,

    *Stay up-to-date. Just like a car, bikes are vehicles that require maintenance, said the Washington state Department of Transportation. Check your brakes and tires regularly, and never go on trips when one of those isn’t working properly.

    And if you’re in the market for a nice, new bike (because that relic from fourth grade definitely won’t cut it), we like the retro stylings of this Schwinn Legacy Cruiser from Target ($119.99).



    –Whitney Teal

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