How Holly Robinson Peete stays beautiful

    Holly Robinson Peete is an actress that’s used to playing the pretty girl, like Officer Judy on "21 Jump Street" or bougie Vanessa on "Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper," so we figured that she knew a little something about staying gorgeous at all times.

    We caught up with her when she was promoting Suave’s Naturals, which is all about inexpensive indulgence for busy wives and moms like Holly (she and her hubby, former NFL football player Rodney Peete, have four kids).

    Why Suave? "I’ve always been a fan of Suave products," Holly told S2S. "I’ve always loved the products and the price. You know, I have four kids, and I’m on a budget too."

    What’s your favorite Suave Naturals product? "The Naturals Wild Cherry Blossom Body Wash [$3.29,]," she said. "It’s a long name, but I’m telling you it smells so good, and instead of a heavy, hard perfume for the summer, it leaves a beautiful scent on your skin. But the only problem is now I’m fighting for it with my daughter. She’s 11, and she’s discovering her little scents and her little things and so, I’m fighting with her on that."





    Oh, really? What other beauty stuff do you tell your kids? "I’m one of those anti-ash moms!" Holly revealed. "I’ll show up at school and embarrass them if they go to school ashy. Rodney doesn’t do that; he doesn’t think that’s a big deal, but it’s embarrassing to me. So, each one of them has some Suave lotion in their backpacks, and it’s a really thick lotion; it’s a good lotion for us." Suave Hand & Body Lotion ($3.95,


    Nice. And for your hair? "I use a lot of natural products for my hair," she said. "Miss Jessie’s [$22, DNO LLC] is a really great hair product that I’ve been using lately. I use all of them [the products], and I use them on my kids."






    We heart Miss Jessie’s, too. What else? "I love Mixed Chicks; that’s another really good one for natural, curly hair," explained Holly. "I use it for myself, I use it for my daughter."

    [Sidenote: Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner ($14, Joy Beauty) is amazingly rich and moisturizing for all hair textures and for both natural and chemically treated strands. We have also heard good things about their shampoo and leave-in conditioner.]


    You switch up your hairstyles a lot. Where do you get the inspiration?
    "I have a hairdresser in L.A. who I’ve been using literally and figuratively since ‘Jump Street’," she said with a laugh. "She’s sort of evolved with me and we always try new things. "

    Cool. What kind of things?
    "We explore with different lengths … no shame in my game to have different lengths here and there," admitted Holly. "The only thing that I’m not able to change is color. I can’t get away from my color! I tried to go dark and I looked like a witch."

    Oh, no! "I just stay with more of a kind of apricot, light golden-brown," she said. A similar hue is Dark & Lovely Color Confidence Permanent Hair Color in Medium Brown ($7.99, Walgreens).






    Nothing wrong with that. What about preserving color? "I don’t really believe in those color-stay shampoos. I just believe that if the hair is conditioned and you get that time under the dryer, like [with] a heat cap, at least once a week or everytime you wash your hair…that’s all you really need," Holly said.

    If your hair is color-treated, be sure to use a shampoo that doesn’t strip moisture from it, like DevaCurl’s No Poo Cleanser ($17.95,, which is free of drying sulfates. 

    –Whitney Teal

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