Rihanna spins Cassie’s style

    Rihanna hit the streets with her usual peacock-esque hairstyle, only this time, the entire bottom half of her head was cut closely to her scalp, like Cassie’s style remixed.

    LaLa Vasquez famously imitated Cassie’s right-side-shave last month, shaving off half of her head and donating the hair to Locks of Love. Eve rocked a variation of the ‘do back in June, but opted to feathered layers instead of a clean scalp.

    While Rihanna looks good with a new-aged mohawk (we think it works better because the rest of her hair already short and spiky), we never figured the good-girl-gone-bad as a trend follower. She did put her own spin on the style, though, going further and more bold than Cassie did.

    At any rate, she’s working it and we can’t wait to see what other celebs embrace "the movement."

    –Whitney Teal


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