Frankie apologizes to Chilli

    Frankie is seeking forgiveness from Chilli after their dust-up in Atlanta.
    According to, the whole thing went down at party in the ATL two weeks ago when a tipsy Frankie ran into the singer, who was in the middle of an interview. Frankie gave Chilli a hug, but was less than pleased with the squeeze she got back.
    Unaware of the offense, Chilli walked away and began talking to Yung Joc. That’s when Frankie ran over, pushing several people aside in the process, and tried to grab her again. However, Chilli was able to push her hand away.
    “You think you better than me,” Frankie reportedly shouted. “My daughter [Keyshia Cole] is better than you anyway!”
    The reality TV star went on “The Ryan Cameron Show” on V103 and painted the whole thing as a misunderstanding. She also offered up her apologies to Chilli, but there’s no word on whether she has accepted the mea culpa.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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